Port of Amsterdam


About Port of Amsterdam

The Port of Amsterdam sees the Amsterdam port area as a dynamic, international metropolis port, which characterizes itself by synergizing the following:
- Port, industry, and circular economy in the city and region
- Worldwide cargo flows, regional recycling, local energy production, and manufacturing
- Logistics and corporate-financial services

Navigating Tomorrow's Waters

The ships of the future will be clean, intelligent, and efficient. The port is gearing up for these changes with new infrastructure, technology, and partnerships.

  • Studentteams

  • Grasweg 31, 1031 HW Amsterdam, Netherlands, Onsite
  • 14 Nov 2023
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Port of Amsterdam SDG-Challenge

Challenge: In what way can Port of Amsterdam create and stimulate an environment for the port community to connect and engage with each other towards sustainable development in the port area?

  • Sustainability, logistics, industrialisation, transportation

  • Hybrid
  • 23 Mar 2021
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