Port of Amsterdam SDG-Challenge

We are looking for:
Sustainability, logistics, industrialisation, transportation

6 available
Registration deadline
23 Mar 2021
23 Mar 2021
1. Description of the challenge

As logistic and industrial Hub nearby the city of Amsterdam we recognise our responsibility to make sure things are done in the best way (green, no harm etc). We need to make sure our port area is becoming more and more sustainable, because our clients rent the land for their activities we need to stimulate them to transition towards doing business sustainable.

2. Expected outcome

The solution consists of three elements, together embodying ‘SDG R&D moments’. This name implies that an active learning environment is facilitated, in which the port community is invited to share their knowledge and collaborate

About Port of Amsterdam

The Port of Amsterdam sees the Amsterdam port area as a dynamic, international metropolis port, which characterizes itself by synergizing the following:
- Port, industry, and circular economy in the city and region
- Worldwide cargo flows, regional recycling, local energy production, and manufacturing
- Logistics and corporate-financial services