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JDE Peets


JDE Peet’s is the world's leading pure-play coffee and tea company, serving approximately 4,100 cups of coffee or tea per second. JDE Peet's unleashes the possibilities of coffee and tea in more than 100 markets with a portfolio of over 50 brands including L’OR, Peet’s, Jacobs, Senseo, Tassimo, Douwe Egberts, Old Town, Super, Pickwick and Moccona. In 2023, JDE Peet’s generated total sales of EUR 8.2 billion and employed a global workforce of more than 21,000 employees. Read more about our journey towards a coffee and tea for every cup at www.JDEPeets.com.

JDE Peet's SDG-Challenge

Enable precise measurement and reporting of each factory's biodiversity impact, utilizing a detailed scoreboard and fostering an interactive platform that encourages factories to exchange and adopt best practices in sustainable biodiversity management.

  • Students in Ecology, Sustainability, Business, Environmental Studies and Business Economics.

  • Keulsekade 143, 3532 AA Utrecht, Netherlands, Hybrid
  • 8 Oct 2024
Deadline registration 16 Sep 2024
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