Provincie Gelderland SDG-Challenge

We are looking for:
Communication, law, economics, agriculture

6 available
Registration deadline
29 Mar 2024
16 Apr 2024
6811 CG Arnhem, Netherlands, Hybrid
1. Description of the challenge

The province of Gelderland has always taken pride in its collaboration with NGOs in the local community. Given the abundance of beautiful and sustainable initiatives, we, as a province, aim to derive the best collective sustainable outcomes. With a specific focus on the agricultural sector, how can the province enhance communication with these NGOs to effectively acknowledge and support the impactful initiatives originating from these organizations?

About Provincie Gelderland

The province of Gelderland lies in the east of the centre of the Netherlands. In terms of area (5,137 km2) it is the largest of the twelve provinces of the Netherlands. Gelderland’s 51 municipalities are home to 2 million inhabitants. The region has a varied landscape with forests, large rivers and rural areas. You will also find modern urban hubs such as Arnhem, Nijmegen and Wageningen with international secondary schools and universities supporting the knowledge-based economy.